Monday, October 24, 2011

It Can't Rain All The Time...

Sunday 10/30/11.  
Starts at 8:00 PM.

Believe In Angels

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Congrats to Eric Stegmaier!

Paris In Plantsville Resident Artist Eric Stegmaier recently won Fisher Award of Excellence/Best in Show at The Farmington Valley Arts Center show Interpretations and Inspirations
The following is reprinted from FVAC's website:

Interpretations and Inspirations

An open juried exhibit of artwork selected by Clinton Deckert.
October 7-31, 2011  Opening & Awards Reception: October 7, 5-7:00p.m.
FVAC Fisher Gallery, 25 Arts Center Lane, Avon, CT  860.678.1867
Gallery Hours Wednesday - Saturday, 12:00-4:00p.m.
Fisher Award of Excellence/Best in Show:
Eric Stegmaier, West Hartford, CT, Morning's Glory, Oil on Canvas Board

2011 Open Juried Exhibiting Artists

Interpretations & Inspirations
Glenn Affleck Palais des Papes, Avignon France
Barbara Brunelle From Autumn to Winter
Deborah Burklund Solitary
Lisa Corson My Cells, My Stones
Ron Crowcroft Hidden Valley
Kathleen Curran Smits Sculpted Sky
Jordan Deschene A Bunny's Balloons
Jordan Deschene Railway Stop
Jacquelyn Etling Eiffel Tower @ Moon
Jacquelyn Etling Monument Valley
Faripour Forouhar Rockport Rooftops November
Jacqueline Gaztambide Concert of Color
George Hale The Queen of Hearts Trumps All
John Hsu Mystic Harbor
Carla Lindsey A New Beginning (For Obama's Presidency)
Susan Madsen Zurles Flying Babushka
Elisabeth McBrien New York City Street
MaryAnne McCarthy Kyle
Brie McDonald Glass Bottles
William McMahon Virgin Nightmares
Melissa Meredith Puffin
Sean Michanczyk 2/15 12:00:59pm
Elaine Nord Sailor's Blizzard
Mallorie Ostrowitz Reigning Puppets
Mallorie Ostrowitz Silver Shoppe
Marilyn Parkinson Thrall Homage to Virginia Woolf
Cynthia Root Winter Moon
Barbara Scavatto-Earley Chair Of The Board
Ronald Sloan Bad Thoughts Going Away
Beverly Spence Not to Look Away
Eric Stegmaier Morning's Glory
Elizabeth Uryase Untitled
Deborah Wadsworth Delia Cordelia
Elaine Widmer It's A Small World
Stephen Wilson Universe
Diane L. Wright Verboten
Keith Yerger Mara's Daughter

2011 Award Winners

Fisher Award of Excellence/Best in Show:
Eric Stegmaier, West Hartford, CT, Morning's Glory, Oil on Canvas Board
Second Place:
Marilyn Parkinson Thrall, Canton, CT, Homage to Virginia Woolf, Clay, Stone, Wood
Third Place:
Barbara, Scavatto-Earley, Enfield, CT, Chair Of The Board, Clay and Wood

Honorable Mention:
Lisa Corson, Bristol, CT, My Cells, My Stones, Fiber, Mixed Media
Jordan Deschene, Terryville, CT, Railway Stop, Ink on Paper
Elisabeth McBrien, West Hartford, CT, New York City Street, Oil on Canvas
Diane L. Wright, Torrington, CT, Verboten, Mixed Media

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Feature Picture Show!

Halloween Film Screening 10/21 at 8 PM! 
After we do The Time Warp with Dr. Frank-n-furter and friends we're entering...  The Forbidden Zone! 

And it's a Double Feature Picture Show

Halloween Extravaganza Screening!

Halloween Film Screening 10/21 at 8 PM! Join us to do The Time Warp with Dr. Frank-n-furter and friends! 

And it's a Double Feature Picture Show!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Halloween Extravaganza! Opening October 15 at 7:00 PM. 
Ghoulish art, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, macabre, and fun!

At the Opening Reciption on 10/15 we'll be having a costume contest with prizes for the top costumes and a Horror Art Raffle! And we'll be having a midnight screening of Rob Zombie's "Halloween"!

Halloween Film Screening 10/21 at 8 PM with audience participation! Join us to do The Time Warp with Dr. Frank-n-furter and for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", followed by Oingo Boingo's "The Forbidden Zone"!

And on 10/30 AKA Devil's Night join us for a free screening of "The Crow".
Find out if it can really rain all the time HERE .

Let's get scary!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Is Halloween!

Opening October 15, 2011 at Paris In Plantsville...
Our second Halloween Art Show!
Last Year we had art from tattoo artists from the region!
This year it's an open call!
The Halloween Extravaganza!
The drop off starts today and runs through Wednesday 10/12...
We're looking to see your Halloween art!
Creepy, weird, sci-fi, fantasy...  Anything that might be a bit ghoulish and odd...  Bring it on down!
Then join us on 10/15 for the opening!  At the opening we'll also be screening Rob Zombie's Halloween once it gets really dark out!
For all the details use this link!