Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Movies!!! Movies!!! Movies!!!

The resident artists at Paris In Plantsville have each selected a movie we want to share... And we hope you join us!
For three Saturday's in January we'll be having double features!
The screenings are free, but donations will be accepted!

Bring your favorite lawn chair ...or bean bag chair, or grab one of ours, kick back with some popcorn, and keep warm by the stove!

The screenings start a 7:00 PM, and the second film starts around 9:00, or 9:30...

January 7th will be Jon and Eric's...
Big Trouble in Little China and Pan's Labyrinth
January 14th will be Jordan and Sean's
UHF and Penguin Farce
January 21st will be Josh and Christian's
The Neverending Story and Beowolf

We are also planning a screening each month of a local independently produced films, feature length and shorts. If you are a film maker, or have a suggestion please contact Jon at jon(at)elmwoodproductions(dot)com

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