Sunday, May 6, 2012

Film Screening - THE CHOICE

Continuing our film series is "The Choice".
Each month in 2012 Paris In Plantsville will be showcasing an independently made film (or film shorts) with a connection to the local film community. This month's film stars West Hartford native Tim Burke. Mr. Burke will also be joining us for the screening and a Q&A session to follow.

Doors open at 7:00 PM, with the film starting at 8:00 PM. As with all our screenings it is a free event, but donations to the gallery are appreciated. The donations keep events like this happening! We hope you join us 5/18/12!

Vera is a proprietor of a trendy French restaurant and Jazz club in Chicago. Late one evening, just before closing, Vera confronts a customer who refuses to pay the bill. He claims his name is Paul and that her husband, Tim, owes him a large sum of money. After Vera explains that Tim died a year ago in a car accident, Paul, seemingly crushed, drinks heavily and then abruptly leaves. After closing the restaurant Vera drives by a bus stop when she sees the police lifting drunken Paul from a bench. Feeling sorry and guilty at the same time, Vera rescues Paul from the police. After unsuccessfully trying to find him a motel, Vera is forced to take unconscious Paul to her own house where, in the garage, she leaves him sleeping in the car. The next morning, hung-over Paul and Vera find themselves in an awkward situation attempting to better know each other. Vera questions him about her late husband Tim’s past, but Paul’s answers are vague and cryptic. Following an uneasy breakfast, Paul asks Vera to take him to the cemetery to visit his friend’s grave. At the cemetery, their conflict sharpens and a game of cat and mouse ensues culminating in a physical fight, and then reconciliation. Back at her house, Vera discovers a certain attraction to Paul and invites him for dinner at her restaurant. At the restaurant Paul leads Vera back in time where she confronts the mystery of her husband’s death. But, for Vera, a suspicion lurks: is Paul’s story true or is it just a great performance by a sinister con-artist?

Awards Critic's Choice Best Film, Leskovac Interenational Film Festival
Starring Irena Micijevic, Stephen Angus, Timothy Burke
Directed By I. Michael Toth
Screenplay By I. Michael Toth
Produced By Christopher Gentry

For more info visit the official website
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Following the Q&A we will also be presenting the film's "Sisiter" entitled "The Dream Play"
More info on "The Dream Play" and "The Choice" at the Official Website:

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