Sunday, September 22, 2013

Open Call - Halloween!

Opening 10/12/2013 at Paris in Plantsville please join us as we creep up with "Oh The Horror! - Halloween Art Show" Presented by Elmwood Productions and Gallery of a Clown!
"Oh The Horror!" is an open call to all artists of all mediums to exhibit art reflecting this ghoulish and scary season! Make sure to get your Halloween costume ready early and wear it to the opening! It's the Halloween Bash of 2013!
Drop off for the work is October 6th and 7th With a $10.00 submission fee.  (Times TBA)
Let's see your ghoulish art, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, macabre, and fun!

The show will run for the rest of October, so f you miss the opening you'll still get to see the art... But really, if you miss the opening we'll send monsters to hide under you bed and torment you all month! So be there!
We can't wait to see the madness in the art! Let's get scary!

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